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Basic Info.

Hello, world.

I am cjli, graduated from Anhui Science and Technology University of Electronic Information Engineering, a fresh graduate in 2016. I am not employed yet but I am expecting an attractive job opportunity.

In the latter-half time of my college, I spend almost all my spare time to start to learn computer programming on my own. I mainly focus on the computer network, and practice network-interrelated programming. Lately, I am focusing on web technology.

My career goal is, be close to a Full-Stack developer to the fullest in 15 years, a life-time to be a real programmer.

Besides, I enjoy movies and musics, photographing, surfing Internet, cooking, fishing, and reading books in digital screens, they respectively give me sympathy, peace, happyness, beauty, appreciation of beauty, concentration, and the gratification when I upgrade my knowledge level.

Personal Experience

Before University ( ~2012 )

The Year of College Entrance Examination

Restless + fiction + Attitude = Failed the college entrance examination.

I abandon myself and fill out the college entrance examination application in a caprice way, as to regreat, that's another story.

Despite the agreement, I get my "dream lover" -- Lenovo G480, the first computer that belongs to me, in a thick-skinned way, for the sake of research ( Zhe Teng ).

While waitting for my letter of admission, I tossing "her" -- such as installing OS, play with "her" if you love "her" -- various versions of OS. Peacefully, I spent my last summer before college.

During University ( 2012 ~2016 )

On my way(A sense of be cheated)

Away from home, with confusion about the future, I was so calm. On the train I have thought a lot of things, well, figured out nothing. I came close to the most two often heared words since childhood -- "university", in such a way.

Of course, the start of college is a military training, nothing to say about it, but hot and struggle, period.

Waste of half of my College time

There was a very short period of time, say at the beginning of it, is the atmosphere of new school, I had intended to study hard. However, it turned out, we got what we wanted -- to be free, and do anything we want, but we lost our conscientious of study. I am one of the failures of terriable education. Impulses and ideas are all destroyed by starting network video game, all eggs.

Of course there are still some positive energy. At start, I had a kind of enthusiasm for a variety of activities and events, sign up for various communities what I am interested in, the student union, association or something, such as the student association, association of English, calligraphy association, even B-BOX( brain cramp )... Well, some of them eliminated me, remember a name, so called public relations, was live up to my sing for them. In these association, I get some miscellaneous certificates, however, also all eggs. And then I thought that they are not in a high level, well, mostly because I could not resist in the bedroom, all night long to play games joyfully( Zuo Si ), so all uncompleted.

Of course, corresponded to the above behavior, I had lots of courses failed. Lasted half the time in school days, so fail exists to the last semester of sophomore year -- go 3 consecutive semesters, the cumulative loss of 25 credits, envn refused to take a make-up exam. Later, I decided to "turn over a new leaf ", In fact, the truth is too much fear of lack of too much credits to graduate, I had to learn to drive in the holiday "cram schools ". Crisis of for fear of graduate "lighted" my urge to learn, at the start of last semester of sophomore year, I tried to be a study overload, however, due to not interested in courses and formed habit of skipping classes, I continued my playing truant again.

I found interest when my introspection

But this time I'm not into online video gaming, I reflected on, what should I do, what I like to do, this reflection has lasted for a long time, yet can't think of an clear answer.

Sophomore summer vacation, I was just wondering the same thing, doing nothing, pointing my cursor of my computer, with no destination, but hoped that to point out something here. I asked myself, what am I passionate about? What did I do and feel fun? What the thing I do not feel boring, and will never be impatient? What I would do not consciously?

I think I've figured out one thing. I almost want to do computer related works, I wanted to programming for a living. Because I found that I had interests and I will be passionate when I focused on it, even through I was demonstrated that I am not intelligent enough to grasp all the Computer Science knowledge. ( Luckily, programming don't have to know all about CS )

That summer, I learned C programming language again.

First I plan to take part in Graduate Entrance Exam

I was thinking when I gone back to school, yes, I found where my own interests, so what channeI I should select to make it come true? Only interests can not persist long, so how to turn interests to long-term development of career?

I struggled to postgraduate, also known some information about the computer science graduate. I want to be postgraduate as following reasons :
①My undergraduate school is not good, go to a good school may be a better way for future.

②My major is Electronic and Information Engineering, which concerns basement of hardware and communication, and the computer also has the very lot relations, but for who want to become a professional software developer, it absence of many core courses of Computer Science, for example, data structures, algorithms, operating systems, databases and other basics of programming. Be a computer science postgraduate, may make up for my further systematic study of these courses.

③To motivate myself to learn something really that I want to learn.

④Get a better school to make up for the college entrance examination of regret.

⑤Select a school closer to home, get back to studying, going back to work.

Second, Third, was the reasons that I have made to take the decision later, in order to focus on, I moved out of the bedroom, out of the school, I rent a room. I skipped all the classes that I could, and began to hit the library, high strength, learn the fundamentals of computer science and CS 408 ( At first I didn't know UESTC's postgrduate exam is 802 ) all test subjects. Around 7 o' clock every morning, I got up to the library to took a place, didn't sleep at noon, if got sleepy I dive on desk for a while.Back to living room when the library closed at 9:30, washed, dating computer for hours, it's almost 12 and went to bed.

Such a day it was going on for a semester. Until the end of term, I'm not fooling around any more, because of my cridits wasn't enough already.Final week, with the spirit of postgraduate review spirit, most benefited from the my review, and a part due to samrt, I passed all my exams. From Sophomore second semester, I was not fail my test any more.

I basically passed all the exams and got qualifications in librarie's review.

Finally I change my plan

Lasted almost half a year, more than six months into the university graduate qq group, and almost all the basic courses of computer science and technology has been systematically go through, I began to read into nothing, why, because in the end, with the updating of my cognition of the world, more I realized, postgraduate isn't absolutely mean a good future, or, not the key factor for that. I actually didn't have an eager to made up for the entrance of colleage exam's failure by take the postgraduate examination. I planed to be a postgraduate, was essentially driven by learn more about the basics of computer science, rather than ’postgraduate‘. I'm confused again, insist or not?

No result, I asked myself, what I like best? What I want most? Can postgraduate give me what I want? Through the conversations between postgraduates of Wangdao official QQ postgraduate group, and my own understanding to relevant information, I'm starting to think, 3 years to be a postgraduate may not that much expection as almost person thought.Like middle student expecting to be a college student, but turned out college life was not as they wanted before, even disappointed. I began to accept learn by doing , I thought, 3 years, to me, and my instinct told me that to learn by doing in the work would gain the relatively large harvest. Even if the harvest is not so big, and if I found work in a professional degree will result in better way, then no matter how impossible, I would probably go for postgraduate after work.

In addition, I hate politics.

Ultimately, I didn't take the postgraduate entrance examination.

Then I moved back to the dormitory.

Start spending a plenty of time on programming

From about three and a half semester in college , I started practicing my way of learning by doing. I searched to the online recommendation, combined with my own judgment, selected one as the main technical book in each direction, using it as a learning plan. Before moving the keyboard, check out the video, first figure out the basic principles to get started. During the process of coding, I mainly used Manual + Searching , while coding, until when, the dead core idea of the book, transformed the living idea in my head, eventually, realization -- running code. Speek to run fast, run stably, you know, it takes time.

The process takes up most of the time before we left school, of course, skipping class is inevitable. However, I think, only skip my class, I could learned what I really want to learn. So I'm not feel so guilty.

Last semester, senior year, 1st ~ 24th, Spet. School's mandatory requirements to practice for four weeks in a company. Which actually a cooly in TV factory. Through It's tired after work, I still play with computer after work: write some code, translate some manuals. Almost the quiet middle night, I close my monitor and go to bed, with satisfaction and enrichment.
During that time, I had draw a conclusion even through I learned nothing skillful from that work:

If you weren't satisfy with the environment around you, either change, or adaptation, but never any compliants.


Computer Science is so profound, programming is the core of CS. I clearly know that I will never stop learning, to be more close to a REAL programmer.


Favorite Singers : Micheal Jackson、JJ.Lin、Jay Chou、Vae

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