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Name、Gender、Age :CJLi, male, 1994.

University、Major、Time :Anhui Science and Technology University, Electronic Information Engineering, A fresh graduate in 2016.

On board or not :Not employed yet but I expect meeting an attractive job opportunity.

Long-term Career Goal : Be close to a Full-Stack developer to the fullest in 15 years, a life-time to be a real programmer.

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Job Intention

Job Location :Guangzhou or Shanghai

Job Direction :PHP Web backend Developer

Job Type :Full Time( Campus Recruitment Can be on board after Spring Festival ) Graduate with some Experience

Expectation to company :Tech Driven, Growing Together.

Now I am seeking for a PHP back-end web developing-related position. Maintain an army for a thousand days to use it for an hour, as a totally fresh fish, I am itching for the chance to work with excellent co-workers and learn from them, please to very much advise.


Programming Basis : Acquainted with often used data structure and basic algorithm, SQL, and HTTP, TCP/IP Internet protocol; Trend of thinking in computer.

Classified by Direction : Web developing( Back-end will be better )、programming on Linux、LAMP/LNMP stack.

Classified by Language : C、PHP、Javascript、Java

English Level : Medium-level CET4/CET6 , have the ability of smoothly reading English manual and technical books.Well, good at reading comprehension, but weak in listening.

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(Source code and more projects please see: GitHub


With a relatively better computer science basis; Acquainted with often used data structure and basic algorithm, SQL, and TCP/IP Internet protocol; Attaching importance to thinking in computer.

Be very passional to programming, enjoy Coding's fun and challenge.

I am humble and have enthusiasm on getting knowledge, hava interseting on learning methods research, love self-study free; Learn by doing.

Have a relatively stronger abilities of anti-pressure. anti-attack, anti-negative-energy; Praise highly of fix issues, or solve problems in a good grace and a simple way.

Have a wide range of intersets, like programming, Git/GitHub, Web, IT, etc.Open Source supporter.

Optimistic, gregarious, sometimes a little bit of humorous, strong self-control, free personality but not indulgence.


PS PHP、C、Java are my most often used programming languages, however, I don't expect to be limited at a specific language, since different languages are the same problem's different (or, a relatively better) solution. I have the confidence to be familar with the on-demand but I never used languages in a comparatively short time. And if time and energy allows, I am so glad to learn the outstanding programming thoughts of different programming languages.

Reference Only Certificates in University: CET4、CET6、level 2 NCRE C、level 3 NCRE computer network 、Third prize of school level Freescale Intelligent vehicle, etc.

Thanks for the time you spent in my resume

Expecting the precious chance to work with you!

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